Our company started in 1998, providing services for key clients engaged in distribution and transmission of electricity, suppliers of gas, water, sanitary sewer and telecommunication operators.

Our strengths in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and moling are:

  • many years of experience in the implementation of investment projects
  • professional equipment
  • professional technical staff
  • transport base
  • own repair workshop

We now have 3 complete directional drilling machines and a wide range of reamers to individual diameters. We also provide welding of pipes. We perform drilling and moling throughout Europe.

Our offer includes comprehensive performance under a variety of terrain obstacles such as rivers, roads, woodland, highly urbanised areas, areas with high level of ground water – in the technology of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) or Moling .

Each task is proceeded by a visit to the site of the planned work for a no obligation quote, in which we provide expert and professional advice.

Examples of the benefits of the technology of horizontal directional drilling:

  • Reduction to a minimum interference on the natural environment
  • Short duration of drilling
  • While using horizontal technology, there is no need for a costly replacement and repair of land surface (as with traditional methods)
  • Avoiding road closures and traffic delays
  • Eliminates the violation of river banks and levees

We undertake:

We undertake drilling for water supply, sewerage network, gas, energy and telecommunication along with installation of tubulars:

  • Steel pipes with diameters up to DN 800mm
  • PE pipes with diameters up to DN 1200mm

We also undertake directional drilling evaluated by other companies, for various reasons, as impossible to implement.

We offer to repair work and issues caused by other contractors.

Very often it is the only method capable of laying an underground installation, it does not require access to the area under which the drilling is performed. This is particularly important in areas heavily urbanised, major crossroads, industrial areas, protected green areas or with saturated infrastructure.

In case of any questions we are happy to assist.